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The Most Disregarded Facts About Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years as a fast, convenient method to experience the benefits of cannabidiol. However, there are several overlooked or unknown aspects to vaping CBD that are important for both new users and experienced vapers to understand in order to get the most out of CBD vaping. This in-depth guide will uncover some of the most disregarded facts about the process, risks, and best practices of vaping cannabidiol.

CBD Vaping Enables Rapid Effects

One of the biggest standout benefits of vaping CBD compared to other consumption methods is the rapid onset of effects. When CBD is inhaled through vaping, the cannabinoid particles are absorbed instantly through the lungs and enter the bloodstream within seconds. 

This allows the user to feel the effects of CBD almost immediately after inhalation. Oral methods like CBD oils, edibles or capsules can take 30 minutes to over an hour as the CBD must pass through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream.

The swift bioavailability of inhaled CBD makes vaping ideal for those seeking near-instant relief from symptoms like anxiety, pain, seizures, insomnia and more. If you do not want to wait when needing CBD's effects, vaping provides the fastest route of administration.

Yet many new CBD consumers are unaware that vaping offers the quickest way to feel the compound's effects. Even some experienced users overlook the rapid bioavailability of CBD vapor and how it differs greatly from oral use. But for fast relief, keeping in mind that vaping provides the fastest effects is key.

Dosing is Critical for New Users

For first-time CBD vape users, it is very important to start with small doses and increase gradually. Taking too much CBD at once can result in an overwhelming experience and questions such as whether vaping can cause derealization

A good rule of thumb for beginners is to start with just 2-3mg of CBD and wait at least 15 minutes to gauge effects before increasing the dose if needed. 

Consuming a comfortable dosage allows new users to get a feel for CBD's effects and benefits without unwanted side effects like lightheadedness or drowsiness from over-consumption. It also prevents wasting product from taking more than necessary.

Vaping is not the same as smoking cigarettes. Many people don't know how many puffs is equal to one cigarette. Some make the mistake of vaping a large amount of CBD on their first try due to the common misconception that more means better effects. But starting low and pacing yourself is vital, even if you do not feel much at first. 

Temperature Settings Impact Effects

One overlooked aspect by many CBD vapers is the importance of temperature control. CBD begins to degrade at temperatures over 200°C. Overheating your vape device can damage or destroy some of the CBD before inhalation, reducing potency and effects.

Most quality CBD vape devices allow you to customize the heating profile or temperature setting. Lower temperatures around 180-200°C are considered optimal for getting the most out of your CBD, as this avoids degradation from excessive heat while still effectively vaporizing the CBD particles. 

Higher temperatures may produce thicker, denser vapor clouds. But cooler settings preserve more of the CBD compounds for maximum effects and value. Playing around with different temps can help find your sweet spot.

However most vapers simply use the default temperature without considering adjusting the heat level. Being mindful of temperature and avoiding overheating is vital for experiencing the full effects of vaporized CBD.

Additive-Free Formulas Recommended 

When selecting a CBD vape product, it is strongly advised to avoid formulas with artificial additives and stick to pure CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD distillate formulas for vaping.

Some CBD vape juices contain added carrier oils like vegetable glycerine (VG) or polyethylene glycol (PG) to create vape-able liquids. Though generally recognized as safe for consumption, research on the long term respiratory effects of inhaling these aerosolized carrier oils is still very limited. 

To eliminate any risks from inhaling these compounds, your best bet is to choose additive-free CBD vape products like pure CBD isolates or broad spectrum distillates. These purified formulas strip away any unnecessary ingredients, leaving behind only CBD and other beneficial hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Additive-free options avoid any potential hazard posed by vaping unknown carriers. Plus you get more CBD bang for your buck. So pure CBD vape formulas are ideal for safety and potency.

Yet many uninformed CBD shoppers simply choose the cheapest vape juices laden with artificial flavors, sweeteners and diluting agents without considering purity or potency. But clean, simple cannabinoid extracts are available for vaping.

Authentic Sourcing is Paramount 

In recent years, a massive unregulated CBD market flooded with subpar and dangerous products has emerged. When selecting a CBD vape product, authentic sourcing and lab testing is paramount for safety and quality. 

Always carefully scrutinize the brand or manufacturer’s claims and check for up-to-date third party lab results to verify the formula's contents, CBD potency, and purity. Reputable CBD companies provide recent Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from accredited labs for all products.

If a brand makes bold claims about sourcing or extraction methods but does not provide proper documentation, it may be best to avoid them. High quality CBD vape manufacturers have nothing to hide.

Hemp absorbs toxins from the soil. So always confirm the hemp source is from a regulated region like the United States or Europe. Certain countries have histories of using pesticides and polluted land.

While it takes a bit of research, safe and effective CBD vape products are available once you know what to look for. But too many customers end up with low grade or tainted CBD due to lack of awareness around vetting shady vendors. 


In summary, vaping CBD oil provides rapid relief, but necessitates proper temperature settings and pure, contaminant-free formulas to get the most benefit. While stronger doses seem ideal, starting low with CBD is crucial especially for new vapers. And with the surge of untested products, brands must be thoroughly vetted for quality and safety assurances.

With the right approach, vaping can be an efficient and enjoyable way to experience the natural benefits of CBD. But oversight of product quality and smart vaping technique is critical yet often overlooked. By keeping these key facts in mind, you can maximize the perks of CBD vaping.

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